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ActivTeck Environmental

Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34953

John L. O’Neill
Phone: 561-543-7967
Email: ActivTeck@aol.com
Web site:

We teach people how to be environmentally friendly and profit by doing so. Most people think that “being green has always been an expense.” We show you how to save your business and family money by using the right products that are good for the environment.

We spent the last 100 years profiting from polluting the environment! Why not spent the next 100 years making a profit from cleaning the environment? People say the economy is slow; I say it has never been a better time for all of us to take advantage when people are tightening their wallets. People want to save money now, so we want to show them how. Our products reduce costs while they help reduce environmental impact. Many products exist such as Powerworx which reduces energy costs from 7% to as much as 30% on both residential and commercial buildings. How about never using laundry detergent or hot water EVER again to clean your clothes? No bleach, no fabric softener at all, and the water that you put back into the environment helps break down phosphates which are harmful to our waterways. Save money and be Green!Your indoor air quality may be 10 times more polluted than outside according to the EPA. Breathe fresh clean air once again. With our NASA Space Certified technology, you can sanitize every surface and the air 24/7 without the use of chemicals.


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