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County Listing for: Brevard County Florida


Facts for: Brevard County Florida
Nowhere else in the world offers its residents and visitors more variety and dichotomy of living than this 72-mile stretch of central Florida’s Atlantic shoreline. Just a 30-minute drive from Orlando International Airport, Brevard County is a coastal destination with all the and attitude of a beach town – it’s the east coast surfing capital – that happens to also be the center of the world’s most exciting and cutting edge technology for the conquest of space and the advancement of the human race. Where else can you lie on a surfboard, sit at a beach café, or kayak through pristine mangroves to look up and see a rocket soar into the heavens? Even before Ponce De Leon first set foot on local soil, Brevard County offered an appealing location and lifestyle for early man. While the industrial and technological ages have made life easier and more accessible, the geography and climate remains as beautiful and ideal as it did years ago. The ocean breezes refresh during the summer, while an average winter day hovers around a comfortable 70 degrees. T-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops are year-round apparel as beach bums and surfers mix with rocket scientists at local restaurants, parks, and art festivals.


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